Newsletters 2010

 November 2010 So Tammi, What’s the Next Step!??… These past 20 months serving the Lord has been indescribable. I struggle to paint words that would illustrate just how my life has been changed serving in full-time ministry as a missionary here in South Africa. This has been a year of discovery; Discovering the fulfillment of serving Jesus and discovering that God will use His children to make an eternal impact for His glory. Its been wonderful carrying out the vision to equip college students how to evangelize, creating Christ Centered disciples, and planting bible studies on 4 South African university campuses. After seeing the Lord change life after life right before my very eyes everyday- I cant help but ask myself, “What’s more fulfilling than working for Jesus full-time?”

Shavon and Shirmoney from the University of Western Cape

So as the time of my 20 month internship with Campus Crusade for Christ comes to a close I have been faced with the question that perhaps you are also asking of me- what’s next? So my next step when I return back to the USA will be joining Staff with Campus Crusade for Christ. This means that I will continue committing to serve as a missionary for an indefinite time with this organization. This requires that I attend Staff Training for the duration of 5 weeks in Florida from Jan 4th until Feb 6th2011. After that I will then give my full attention to raising 100% financial support through the year. My hope is to return to serve as a missionary overseas in the future after attaining 100% financial support.

Boikokobetso, Cho, and Lindiwi from The University of Cape Town

So my next step is to return home to Chicago on December 6th.  Leaving here will be bittersweet.  I will badly miss the people God has blessed me with here, but at the same time I am longing to reconnect with family and friends back home. I look forward to personally connecting with you following my Staff Training to share all what the Lord has done this year. There is much to celebrate, my friend! I am beyond excited as I embark on this wonderful journey! As I make this transition, I want to ask you to make this transition with me.  As I join as Staff with this ministry, would you “go with me” by continuing with your financial monthly support? This will be a great blessing as I meet ongoing financial commitments and will also give me a firm financial foothold as I make the transition to this long-term work before me. Join with me in prayer during this season. Your prayers will needed as I make this transition! I am so looking forward to meeting you face to face again. There us much to celebrate  and I am trusting the Lord for greater things. Thanks again for making all this possible and being a part of my journey.  I appreciate you so very much. See you soon! With love, TammiPrayer Requests:– Pray that I maintain organized as I am now packing; selling my car, clearing my apartment, saying good bye to friends! – Pray the Lord helps me process leaving South Africa and re-entering the culture of the USA– Travel mercies as I return back to the USA!Thank you! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ October 2010I want to follow up with you and share with you a Muslim student I met named Rukeya.

Another day on campus at the University of Cape Town

A few weeks ago I was on campus at the University of Cape Town and I approached a girl sitting by herself. She didn’t look busy so I initated a spiritual conversation with her. I could tell she was a follower of Islam because she was fully covered from head to toe. As soon as I approached her she lifted her head from her book and greeted me with the warmest smile and biggest hug.  “Here,” she said “do you wanna sit?” while moving her things so that I could sit right beside her. Then we began our conversation… “Hey, I’m Tammi. I’m with a developing society on campus. Currently I’m asking students about their spirituality. Can you take this Spirituality Questionnaire for me?” I asked her questions such as “Describe your experience with religion, What is your religion, Who or what do you think God is? How does God determine who goes to hell and heaven? As we came to the end of the survey I asked her, “So if a person would like to become a Muslim and follow Islam, what should they do?” “Well they would have to go to a mosque, and talk with an imam (pronounced ee-mum) who is the prayer leader.” she said “You would say a prayer in Arabic and then you would have to follow the Five Pillars of Islam such as 1. Pronouncing that there is one God Allah, 2. Praying 5 times a day 3. Fasting once a year for Ramadan, 4. Making a Pilgrimage to Mecca, 5. Giving to Charity Oh, okay well has anybody ever shared with you how a person could become a Christian? “Actually, no? What would a person do, could you tell me?” So I explained, “Well theres four principals: First is that God loves you so much that He gave His son Jesus Christ to die for you. “Wait what?” she interjected, “Why would God do something like that? Why would God give up his son to die?” “Because God loves you…” “But why?…” “Because He loves you and he gave his Son Jesus Christ to die in your place for your sins. You agree that everyone has sins, right?” “Of course…” she nodded. “Well God sent his Son Jesus Christ to pay the penalty of your sins.” She hesitated in unbelief…“But why would a perfect and Holy God send someone, his own son- to die for me, for my sins?” “Because He loves you. If you receive Jesus Christ as Lord, you will receive complete forgiveness of sin and receive eternal life with God in heaven forever.” “Tammi nooooo, no way! No way…I cant believe this….” She put her face into her hands shaking her head in disbelief. “Im telling you the truth. God loves you, Rukeya. This is why Jesus was not just a prophet. Jesus is Lord and he is not dead. He is very much alive.” Tammi, nooo…why would God do something like that? Oooo nooo…, “She looked away for a moment pondering on what I just said. “Im telling you the truth. Has anyone ever shared with you this message before? Have you ever, ever heard this before, Rukeya?” Silence. I promise to you that Rukeya just looked up at me as if I was from another planet. It was so evident God was working in her heart that very moment. She had just heard a message of love- a love she has never heard of before. I asked if she would want to make the decision to say a prayer and receive Christ as Lord to save her from her sins and she said no. Although she was not ready to at that time, she still inquired more about Jesus. “Well how has your religion brought you closer to God?” she then asked. I shared with her my personal testimony how 7 years ago a Christian shared with me that same little booklet about Jesus when I was a freshman in college. I told her that when I asked Jesus to come into my life that my life was never the same. “You know what Rukeya,” I continued, “Its been a journey since that moment I invited Jesus into my life. One night shortly following that decision I was getting ready to go to a party with my girlfriends on campus. While choosing my clothes to get ready I felt a really bad feeling in my stomach. The feeling was so real, it stopped me dead in my tracks. So, I remember praying to Jesus asking I should go to this party or not.” “So you prayed to Jesus?” she asked. “Yea, I did. I felt foolish for a moment ya know, but I wanted to know so I asked Him. I said “Jesus, whats this bad feeling in my stomach and do you think I should go to this party?’ Then in that moment this Christian tv program was on named TBN. I turned to look at the tv and this lady began to pray aloud on the tv.” She said, “Dear Lord, there is a girl in her dorm in college right now getting dressed to go with to a party with her friends. She is asking you Jesusabout a feeling she is having in her stomach. Young lady, that feeling in your stomach is the Holy Spirit and Jesus is saying not to go to the party but if you choose not to go to parties you will be blessed.” “Taaaaaami, noooo way!” Rukeya threw her hands over her mouth slapping my knee as if I just told a joke. “Tammi, Jesus answered your prayer?” “I told you Jesus is alive. Jesus is Lord, not a prophet. He is the one true God.” “Tammi, show me in the bible where he is Lord!” “Sure, lets meet tomorrow same time same place and Ill show you in the bible many-” “No, she interrupted, “If your God is truly alive like you say He is, then show me!” “Talk to Jesus yourself, Rukeya. You dont need me! Jesus is alive. Ask Him!” “I have to know the truth. If Jesus is really God, I swear to you that you can take me to any church tomorrow and I will be baptised and will follow Jesus! Because if what if what you are telling me is true then that means I do not have the truth….” At this point of our conversation it was apparent she was really struggling internally. At the end of our two hours, our time ame to a close from talking about Jesus. “Hey, Rukeya before I leave can I pray for you?” “Yea, sure.” Its not normal that a Muslim will allow you to pray over them. I prayed in the name of Jesus that when Rukeya asked Jesus to make Himself real in her life, that He would do exacly that. I asked Jesus to prove Himself to be alive and as the only one true God. I asked the Lord to reveal himself to her in dreams and even in visions that He is the one true God. “Tammi, you are my friend I have to see you again.” she said embracing me. Then she prayed over me. “Okay, until I see you tomorrow, Im offering you a challenge. Before you sleep tonight, pray to Jesus and ask Him if He is real.” “I cant pray to Jesus because-” “You just said you wanted to know the truth. How will you ever know?” “I wont pray to Jesus, Ill ask instead the god of the universe!” she said throwing her arms into the air smiling. “Well great, the God of this Universe will hear you too and answer you.” I said with a wink. “Good bye my friend, I will see you tomorrow.” then we parted our ways… *The next day I did not see Rukeya for our appointed time. Who knows, the Lord could have made Himself known to her that night. Maybe she forgot about our time. Maybe she decided not to come. Either way, many of you, my Ministry Partners were in prayer for her. Our Lord is sovereign and lets trust Him to continue to work in her life after hearing the first time the message of the Gospel. Answered Prayers!: 1. Your Prayers! Thank you for your prayers! I received almost 20 emails from you responding to my email about Rukeya. Your prayers are so vital in my ministry. Prayer releases the power of God for His desire to continue to work in her life from this point onwards. Thank you! Prayer Requests: 1. Campus Ending. I have just 2 more weeks and I would love to see Rukeya again. Can you pray I see her again on campus? I would love to show her in scripture that Jesus is Lord. 2. Blessed Sleep. These past couple of weeks I have been having trouble sleeping throughout the night. Christians experience spiritual warfare in many different ways. I usually battle to have a restful night’s sleep so that I am challenged from having a productive day full of evangelizing, leading bible studies, and serving the college students I meet everyday. Thank you! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ September 2010 “Following Jesus’ Agenda”Last month I traveled 25 minutes into the downtown area of Cape Town. Somehow, I got turned around trying to visit a student I met at the University of Western Cape. “Hey why don’t you just come over here and we could hang out?” my Muslim friend Tasneem asked me earlier that afternoon. So off I went. I went with no agenda in mind, but just to follow whatever Jesus wanted me to do.  Once I got to her neighborhood, I noticed something different about the area. I pulled over my car onto the side of the road because the streets on my map were not at all a help. I could hear an almost wailing voice resounding over the entire neighborhood. Rolling down my car windows, I tried to understand and make out what was happening. Then I finally realized that I was in a Muslim sub community, and what I heard was their daily call of prayer to their god, Allah, ringing over loud public speakers. Once I arrived, Tasneem greeted me with a smile and she let me into her home. The Lord allowed me to meet her beautiful mother and 3 sisters. “Tammi, I heard so much about you!” her mother said as she hugged me. Immediately, I realized what the Lord was doing, because from there I was taken all around from place to place to be introduced to many other Muslims. I met her boyfriend, Luqmaan, his mother, father, and many family friends, and even her boyfriend’s sweet grandmother! As the entire day unfolded we went from home to home and place to place. God allowed me to silently pray for each person’s salvation and that each face I met would encounter the love of God the Father, have a revelation that Jesus is Lord, that each would hear the message of the Gospel from a Christian in their life. The Lord took me deeper and deeper into this neighborhood. I had no idea where I was. Later in the evening, the entire family and I were having cake at the grandmother’s home chatting and laughing about the father’s funny encounter with a baboon. As the entire family was carrying on I remember telling God silently, “God I don’t know where I am! Its getting dark outside and any moment these Muslim people are gonna discover and ask me if I am a Christian!” “Are you ok?” a voice interrupted my thoughts. “Um yea Tasneem,” chuckling nervously, “why do you ask?” “You seem really worried.” I became aware of my tense body language. I reminded myself to relax, then just continued to enjoy being with this family making prayers in my heart. Eventually the family did ask what was I doing in South Africa and I shared with them that I was in full-time ministry with Campus Crusade for Christ for over a year. “Oh wow, that’s wonderful Tammi.” the mother told me. I was so shocked that this entire Muslim family accepted me after just professing that I am not just a Christian but also a missionary! We soon finished our food and the entire family kept asking me when I was coming to visit them again. As my night ended, I drove away understanding that God taught me a huge lesson that day. God truly loves everyone- even followers of Islam who despise followers of Jesus the Christ. I cant believe God immersed me in such a way and left the doors wide open for me to revisit. This Muslim family knows thatI am a Christian and they want me to come back.  Once again, I am asking for your prayers to reenter this community soon to show a dvd about Jesus Christ in Tasneems home with her mother and 3 sisters and others. Look into the eyes of each person and pray. Take a moment and pray. Whether you are at your desk at work reading this or at home. Take a moment to pray.

Luqmaan’s mother and father

Tasneem and I

Tasneem and her boyfriend Luqmaan

Tasneem and I with some family friend

“The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few. Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore to send out workers into His harvest field.” Luke 10:2

It’s the Father’s will that no one should perish, but that all come to know Jesus and have eternal life. Only God knows if He allowed me to have been the first to have ever prayed for these Muslims’ salvation. Now you have joined with your prayers for these individuals and will have a place in their story of prayerfully knowing Jesus. Thank you for your prayers! It all begins with prayer. Like farming, prayer prepares the soil of the heart. Join with me in prayer that each seed of prayer would grow and that each person I met would come to accept Jesus as Savior and Lord. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ AUGUST 2010 “Campus Wide Evangelism!” Both Impact Movement and Campus Crusade for Christ Summer Missions Team have returned back to the United States. While the 50 plus American college students were here in South Africa for 5 weeks they did campus-wide evangelism here on 3 college campuses in Cape Town, South Africa. Here are the statistics of the Impact Movement’s Summer Missions Team 2010: Students Presented with the Gospel Message- 312 Students taught how to live a Spirit Filled life- 23 Students who trusted Christ- 70 Students being follow-up after trusting Christ- 32 Students Exposed to the Gospel Message (i.e. media outreach, spiritual conversations, socials, weekly mtgs, etc)                                                                                    – 436

Alana sharing the gospel with a Muslim student at the University of Western Cape

Shating a Gospel track with a student in the student center on campus

Let us praise God for what He is doing here on the college campuses here in South Africa! Within a few short years, these students will be graduating from college as Christians who will influence the marketplace, local businesses, and government of South Africa. Praise the Lord for such a vision! Currently my team of 8 and myself have been following up with all the students who gave their hearts to Christ. We are seeking to get them plugged into on campus bible studies and women’s and men’s small group bible study during the week. This afternoon while at the University of Western Cape I was told, “Tammi, there are so many new faces coming to bible studies on Monday!” says Bianca a student involved with the Impact Movement. “Women’s small group bible study have grown from 1 person attending to 9-10 women a week!” Even the Impact Movement’s mens small group bible study have from 10-15 men weekly attendees. Just a snap shot of one year ago, small group bible studies were not occurring at the University of Western Cape. Now, students on this college campus have a place they can trust they will learn from the Word of God, learn more about Jesus, and how to grow in their personal relationship with Him. Small group bible studies serve as a community and bridge to build relationships with other Christians on campus. Join with me in prayer as our team follows up with all the new Christians! Answered Prayers: – I am making friends! It seems that after a year and a half of living here I am just beginning to make good friends. Its just so different to be out of college but yet work 30 hours a week on a college campus. Sometimes I feel stuck because its tough making friends where you work. In addition to this, the culture of making friends is totally contradicting to the culture I am use to making friends. It requires you to initiate, initiate, initiate, but usually by the end of a working day I am usually pooped out from initiating spiritual conversations with dozens of students everyday! Praise the Lord for women friends who are also missionaries in full-time ministry my age!! Their names are Anna and Veronica who are a 5 minute walk up the road. The Lord hears prayer indeed:-) Prayer Requests ~ Safety: Last week someone tried to break into my car- with a dipstick! I really couldnt believe it! God is so sovereign because as I was leaving my teammates home one late evening there was a car parked next to mines. It was a bunch of guys in the car who told me the entire story how 2 men tried to break in. The car of guys told me that if they werent there the 2 men would have been persistent and would have eventually broken into it, but after 15 min or so the 2 men walked away. Praise the Lord for allowing witnesses to see this happening before they succeeded. ~ Pray for students: Tasneem a friend of mines who is a Muslim. Also pray for Daniel, a Christian I met on campus who is struggling with homosexuality.  Please pray for Chernay’s mother Michelle who is on the verge of forsaking her Christianity. Islam states that Muslims cannot marry non-muslims, so sadly Christians have to forsake their religion for the sake of marriage and any children born between the two must be raised Muslim as well. Please pray. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ JULY 2010 “They’re Baaaack!”The college campuses here in South Africa will be hit with a wave of evangelism. The reason why? Impact Summer Project Team and Campus Crusade for Christ Summer Missions Team will be here in South Africa for 5 weeks!

Me briefing the Impact US Team about the ministry at the University of Western Cape

Every summer the Impact Movement and Campus Crusade for Christ sends a group of American college students to go on a summer missions project overseas. So for the next 5 weeks, these 2 groups of 50 American college students will do campus focused cross-cultural evangelism at the University of Western Cape (The campus where my ministry is) and other college campuses throughout the country. My Missions Team here in South Africa warmly welcomes them with open arms. Their short-term missions stay will bring lasting fruit to our Campus Ministry here. They will be able to massively evangelize to South African college students, be able to plant many seeds, and win for the Lord many souls of South African college students. Afterwards, my missions team will then follow-up on those students who gave their heart to Christ and continue to be there feeding their growthin the Lord. We are looking forward to seeing how the Lord will use these 2 groups! Evangelizing Together on Campus at the University of Western Cape:

Both US Teams at the UWC campus about to go in pairs to evangelize to South African students on campus

Ready to go and evangelize!

Ready to go and share Christ on campus!

As an entire group, we evangelized on the campus of UWC and invited the college students to attend Explosion bible study!We then invited the college students to attend Explosion bible study!

Explosion Bible Study! The room was full of South Africans students we outreached to and invited to come join us

Students Grayson and Igshaan leading Explosion bible study

Our desire as a campus ministry is to see University students personally know Jesus Christ. The student leaders, Grayson, Igshaan, Robyn-Lee, and Bianca are the student leaders of Impact Movement on their campus. There was an icebreaker, praise and worship, a 20 minute teaching from the bible that the student prepares, then prayer. This week Grayson taught from the bible. Praise Reports!! Lets praise the Lord together and celebrate what the Lord did in just one week of evangelism: 149 South African college students heard the Gospel message 12 were taught about the Holy Spirit 35 South African students trusted Christ as Lord and Savior! 15 South African students are being followed up to grow in their walks with Jesus Christ 159 total students were Exposed to the Gospel This is just from one week of evangelism! Theres 4 weeks left, lets stay in prayer to reap more harvest! Will you be in prayer with our team? We are expecting the Lord to do mighty works for these next 4 weeks. Prayer Requests: 1. Initiative Evangelism– The Impact Movement and Crusade Summer Missions Team will be initiating spiritual conversations with students on campus that will lead to evangelism. 2. Fruitful Labor– Pray that the Lord will allow the Summer Missions Team to be fruitful! 3. Follow-up– Pray for our successful follow-up of students who give their hearts to the Lord after the USA team leaves back for the US. A Ripe Heart for the Gospel: I Reconnected with Tasneem!(Please Read and Pray :-) Some of you may remember my December 2009 Newsletter of a college student I met named Tasneem. (If not you can refresh your memory of my time sharing the Gospel with her below.) Tasneem is a muslim, but when I met her on campus at UWC she was so excited to hear about the Gospel message- how Jesus came to pay the penalty of humanity’s sins so that by believing in Him we can spend eternity with God forever. A few months after that encounter, the Lord provided an opportunity for me to met her again and we had coffee on campus in between one of her classes. At that time, I gave her a gift of a pretty pink flower bible and a Mary Magdalene DVD (A movie of Jesus Christ from the perspective of a woman. This movie ministers specifically to Muslim women and it a version of the Jesus Film) When I gave the bible to Tasneem she completely lost it! She told me she always wanted a bible and didnt stop thanking me. My third time meeting her was just last Monday. We met at the same coffee shop for a short hour between her classes. She is such the sweetest girl ever. Her bubbly personality is so contagious! In the midst of our conversation of sipping hot co co here walks in Astrid. Astrid is also a UWC student who attends Impact Movement bible study. The Lord is so sovereign in directing Astrid to us and leading our conversation. So I introduced the two of them,” “Hey there, Im Astrid. How are you?” “Hey, I’m Tasneem.” The three of us chatted, then Astrid began to share about her relationship with God with Tasneem, “You know, Im in such a wonderful place with God. My life has changed so much since I began reading the bible- His holy word. He is the one who sustains me and holds me together and keeps me together. Yes, life gets hard but I know that my Father in heaven sees me and loves me. I know that if I hold on to the Cross that my Lord will continue to keep me…you see Tasneem its all about a personal relationship with God. Never forget that okay, its all about a personal relationship Tasneem. God loves you and wants a relationship with you.” Astrid talked for almost 15 minutes about the Lord and shared her testimony of the Lord. From time to time, I would peer at Tasneem and would see her completely awe stricken of this Love that Astrid just keeps referring to- a love that comes only from God. Tasneem took in a deep sigh, “Wow…yea… I know I dont have that.” She said slumping back into her chair, “I need to really evaluate my life because God is not like that in my life. He is not like that to me…” “Hey, have you had the chance to read anything from that pink bible I gave you?” I asked Her response was beyond anything I had anticipated -“No, Tammi Im waiting on you to teach me!” she said with such a bright smile. “R-Really?” I was stammered. “Oh man, we can definitely do that Tasneem as soon as possible.” “And by the way, when are we gonna watch that dvd you gave me? We should do it soon because its early in the semester and we dont have loads of work to do.” Ministry Partners and friends your prayers are so needed right now. As you are reading this at your desk at work or at home can you say a short prayer for Tasneem. Our conversation concluded with definite plans of the 3 of us having a Girls night this Saturday at my apartment! We will watch the Mary Magdalene dvd and have sweet fellowship. Can you join me in prayer for the following: – The Lord circumcises her heart and ears to hear and receive the Gospel for herself – That she does not harden her heart towards the Lord if she hears His voice calling her to make a decision of making Jesus the Lord of her life – That she feels the Love from being around other Christians this Saturday in my apartment

“Love one another as I have loved you, so you must love one another. By this all men will know that you are my disciples if you love one another.” John 13:34-35

I am truly convinced that  the Muslim community sees the Light of Jesus in His followers and are drawn to Him by His real tangible Love recognized amongst His children. Think of the Muslims you work with or see daily on campus. They are truly some of the kindest people you will ever meet. You are the only Light to them in their darkness of Islam. Through His children, they will recognize the Father’s Love and know that our Savior lives.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ MAY/ JUNE 2010A Spiritual Harvest Atheists, agnostics, and apathetic Christians. “Well that’s true for you, but that’s not true for me. There’s many ways to God.” -“ Ive found my way to God being a [ good person, Buddhist, etc. ]” The University of Cape Town– our new college campus my team and I are trying to begin our college ministry. My mission field are college campuses in South Africa. Our objective as a missions team is to find college students who desire to see a spiritual movement happen on their campus of evangelism and discipleship. We train students how to evangelize and disciple their younger classmen to see this movement happen. Since January, our encounters with countless *atheists, *agnostics, and apathetic Christians students outweighed students who desire Christ.  It has been such spiritual warfare of months of prayer for the Lord to bring us students who have the desire to be trained and see this vision happen on their campus. I just met a student named Biokokobetso (or B as she tells me) and I shared the Gospel with her. I approached her in a busy dining area sitting at a table while she was studying for her next class. After initiating a conversation, I sat and shared with her how she can receive Christ. “For God so loved the world that he gave His one and only Son that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life.’ – Wait, that’s all I have to do?” B asked… “All I have to do is believe? Our conversation paused and I looked up at her and immediately her entire countenance had changed. Initially she was hesitant talking to this non South African girl. Our conversation continued with some of the following scriptures: “For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord” Romans 6:23“For Christ died for sins once and for all, the righteous for the unrighteous to bring you to God…”1 Pet 3:18 That afternoon, B prayed to receive Christ in her life! Since then we have been meeting weekly and I am now discipling her teaching her weekly with lessons about the basics of her Christian faith. Lindiwi, B’s only Christian friend on campus also joins us for discipleship times! They are both freshman students and are both growing in their walk with God. Its so exciting to meet with young women who genuinely crave the Lord! I am just one person on my missions team of 6. My other team mates have amaaaazing testimonies of students whom they’ve evangelized to on this campus who gave their hearts to Christ and are now being discipled faithfully each week. We are seeing such a spiritual harvest! A spiritual movement is on its way on this campus. We had our first Bible Study on this college campus in May! This is such a h-u-g-e milestone in seeking to make Campus Crusade for Christ campus ministry official at the University of Cape Town. 11 students attended bible study and my team mate Jerrah taught the bible study lesson. Our entire team is looking forward to becoming a recognized ministry on this campus next term. A Message from our National Director of Campus Crusade for Christ South Africa: “I want to  let you know that most of our campus statistics are in and between January and March we’ve exposed the Gospel to 1174 students…praise the Lord!  Out of this number 106 have accepted Christ…I think the angels in heaven are still having a “holy ghost” party!” ~ Jacqueline Bland, National Campus Director These statistics reflect the entire nation of South Africa for Campus Crusade for Christ for just 3 months! These statistics reflect my missions team located in CapeTown, and other missions teams in other cities throughout South Africa. Praise Reports! ~ My car is fixed again and it is up and running again! My timer belt snapped and damaged a few of my valves, but it is fixed now. Praise the Lord! ~ We have a new team mate on our team- Mompumelo Mthemu. She just arrived here safely 2 days ago! Our missions team now has 9 people. ~  The Lord provided furniture for Laureen (my roommate) for our apartment! We have everything we need, mattresses, kitchenware, furniture, a microwave, oven, fridge! The Lord provided everything for us from people who donated out of their hearts to us. Amen! Prayer Requests! ~ Please pray for the three students I am discipling: Robyn-Lee, Biokokobetso, Lindiwi and that their walk with the Lord will flourish and the Lord bless our discipleship relationship ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ April 2010“Ubuntu- Its Harvest Time!” The Ubuntu Student Conference! South African college students were challenged across the nation to attend our student conference hosted by Campus Crusade for Christ. The theme for the conference was “A people who know their God will stand firm and take action.”Daniel 11:32b They were challenged to attend a 4 day weekend conference to hear the word of God and be equipped to take the Gospel back to strategically reach their campuses for Christ. 70 South African college students representing 8 universities were in attendance! Some seminar teachings were as follows: 1. Evangelism 101 2. Discipleship 101 3. Discipleship 102 4. Discerning God’s Will for your Life 5. Character Vs. Capacity (Leadership seminar) Our Missions Team took close to 10 students from Cape Town representing 3 universities. It was amazing to see the students grow excited about the Lord. “Tammi, I’m learning from the Lord that my life is not my own. That’s one thing the conference taught me.”- Bianca 3rd year student psychology major from the University of the Western Cape

Bianca and I at the student conference

Day of Outreach in Mamelodi *TownshipDuring the conference, all 70 college students and Staff had a day of outreach in a *township named Mamelodi. We walked house to house introducing men, women, children to the Gospel.

Receiving the Good News while giving up alcohol drinking

My team member Melanie sharing the Gospel in Mamelodi

In just one hour of outreach, 59 people received Christ as their Savior and Lord. 111 People were exposed hearing a full presentation of the Gospel!

The Lord is amazing! In just one hour of community outreach, nearly 1 person gave their heart to the Lord each minute of the community outreach! That’s one person won to Christ each minute!

My Leadership and Personal Development:I feel as if the  Lord is really growing my leadership skills. At the Ubuntu conference I taught a seminar on the topic of Discipleship and why this spiritual mentoring relationship is important for both believers and new believers. Discipleship is necessary so that individuals can be equipped and trained to develop others up in the way of Christ. I never thought I would be asked to prepare a teaching to speak at a national conference. Just the thought it this is very humbling and I thank the Lord for boldness in which I know comes from Him. In addition to this, I was the Coffee House Director creating a relaxing atmosphere for all the college students to have fun and fellowship the first night of the conference.

Jerrah and I as emcees hyping up the crowd for the Coffee House event night

I learn as I fall more in love with the Lord that he unravels and shows us precious jewels buried deep in us. He is our Father and He created us. He challenges us to do things we would never consider doing- only because He knows what we are made of. I praise the Lord for being stretched to be comfortable with public speaking and entertaining college students as an emcee. I learn more about myself serving God as I am learning to grow closer to Him and serving my college students. Surely God has much in store for us! How exciting that the Lord is commited to our growth!

Farewell Ubuntu students. See you in the next 2 years. Join with us in prayer that all the students who participated this conference will carry the vision fully equipped to reach their college campuses for the Lost!

South African students at Ubuntu conference

Praise Reports: My car broke down, but now it has been fixed!

Prayer Requests: Pray my car will be protected and will continue to function well. Finances to repair my car, Pray I am gentle with Vava a Jehovah Witness I meet weekly sharing with her the diety of Jesus Christ and that she is deceived, pray our team puts on the full armor of God to stand against our enemy Satan

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ MARCH 2010Sharing the Gospel with Muslims Just last week my team mate Leon and I came across a 3rdyear student Coloured girl named Farah. She was sitting outside of a lecture hall waiting on her next lecture to begin. Leon and I approached her asking if she would be willing to take a spiritual survey for us and she readily agreed. We asked Farah about her spiritual journey with the following questions:

  1. How would you describe your experience with religion: positive, negative, neutral
  2. What if any religious groups of denominations have you been involved in?
  3. How important is religion or (God) to you now?
  4. Do you believe that God exists?
  5. Who or what do you think God is?
  6. Is God concerned about humanity, or is God impersonal?
  7. Is it possible to know personally?
  8. Is there life after death?
  9. Do you believe that heaven and hell exists?
  10. How Does God determine who goes to each place?
  11. Who do you think Jesus was? (God, man, both, prophet, myth)
  12. If you died today how sure are you that you would go do heaven?
  13. What would you say if God asked you, “Why should I let you into my heaven?
  14. Would you want to know God personally if it were possible?

For the next 40 minutes, the Lord led us into the most insightful conversation. Farah told us she had a neutral approach towards religion because it brought a lot of ‘turns’ in her family. She lives with her mom (Muslim) and her dad (while he was alive) was a Christian. Her parents were once in love, but religion drove them apart. She is a follower of Islam. She explained that she doesn’t believe there is a life after death and there is neither heaven nor hell- you just exist. She explained that God won’t judge people by their sins to determine who goes to heaven or hell-everyone even Hitler will exist in this after death place. Farah really opened up and shared a lot with us during our conversation. I asked, “Well how does one become a Muslim?” “Well…” she began, “Not just anyone can become a Muslim, there is a process. First you have to take classes for months, pray fast for 40 days, visit the mosque, then change your name. You can’t just decide to become a Muslim and that’s it, you see.” “Okay, well has anyone ever explained to you how they could become a Christian?” I asked. “Actually, no” “I have a really small booklet that shares the basic principles that Christians believe. Could I share it with you these 4 principles?” “Sure!” So excited, I shared with Farah these 4 points: 1. God has tremendous love and a plan for our life. He created us to have fellowship and an eternal relationship with him. 2. Sin is in the heart of every human and separates us from knowing God personally. Because a person sins, it deserves to be judged by God deserving death Rom6:23. 3. Jesus Christ came and died in our place when we deserved to die! Our sin deserved to be judged by a Holy God but Jesus came and took our place on the cross by dying and paying that penalty. 4. Everyone must individually receive Jesus Christ as Lord of their lives by repenting (asking for forgiveness of sin) and believing he died in on the cross in our place and raising on the 3rd day. This would be done through a sincere prayer asking for forgiveness of sin, believing Jesus is the Son of God by dying in our place, and asking Jesus to come into their life. “You see Farah, this is how a person would become a Christian. Do you understand now?” “Yes, I understand now. They would have to…” and Farah repeated everything I just explained to her verbatim. This was a wonderful opportunity to be able to expose Farah to the Gospel! “Oh hey, can I keep this little booklet?” she asked before we left. We gave her the booklet and praised the Lord he brought Farah across our path to share with her a full Gospel presentation and exposing her to the Gospel. This is just one more soul closer to knowing the Lord… On the Move!

Moving in our first day!

The month of March has been quite a busy one. Exactly one week ago I signed a lease with my new roommate for an apartment. Im so excited because it was my first lease I ever signed in my life! Have you ever sensed that God has a sense of humor? I know that He is an All-knowing God (Omnipresent) and sees us and knows every detail of us, but this is such a funny story! Finding this apartment was such a blessing that you will find hard to believe! One night my roommate Laureen and I stayed up describing the “perfect apartment”. “Yea it would be sweet if we had a 2 bedroom, very close to our teammates, affordable, close to the supermarket, received plenty of sunlight, etc…oh yea and if it had a little balcony to see the mountains that would AWESOME!” we imagined. So we went out looking for apartments and we just couldn’t find the right place. Either the place was VERY expensive (In case you are wondering we are in South Africa- living here is not always economical- I wish I was joking) or too far away, or unsafe. Almost giving up on finding a place to live, God brought us to this perfect place! We are a few doors down from our teammates, we can walk to the grocery store, and it has everything we were looking for down to the “T”. We just burst into laughter thinking about this place. We knew it was our “perfect place” when the Landlord willingly shortened our lease to 10 months to end in December when our missions term in South Africa will end! To add to the blessing, people donated all sorts of items to us. We moved in with nothing-nothing to eat with, no fridge, not a table, nor mattresses to sleep on! We move in with only 3 green plastic plates, 2 plastic bowls, and a plastic cough medicine spoon. Our first day of moving in Campus Crusade staff and friends donated used items from their home such as dishes, mattresses, tables, a dresser, chairs, pots and pans, fridge, and our landlord even bought us a cup set! It’s very humbling to be able to receive such gifts from friends of the ministry. Laureen and I are experiencing God provide for us in tremendous ways. There is no doubt in my mind that God is a provider and is El Roi (The God Who Sees Me) Or God is awesome! He reigns forever! Amen! Prayer Requests: ~ Ubuntu Student Conference: Friday March 19-22 2010 Campus Crusade for Christ South Africa will be hosting a conference for South African students to be trained and equipped how to share the Gospel and be effective in ministry on their college campuses country-wide. Pray God will speak to every student attending this conference! ~Finding my Community: It has been a challenge connecting with a body of believers (Outside of my ministry), making South African girlfriends, and feeling really connected and plugged in with a church home. Would you be willing to join with me in prayer about these things? ~ Non Believers I shared the Gospel with on Campus: Please pray for 3 Muslims I presented to Gospel to this week Farah, Riza, Shariefa. A Jehovah Witness named VaVa. Pray I am able to cultivate a relationship with her and the Lord will open her eyes to see she is a part of a cult. Also pray for Tasneem, the first Muslim I ever shared the Gospel with last year. You may remember her from an earlier newsletter I wrote. I will be connecting with her very soon to spend time with her and invite her into my Christian community. Pray she will feel God’s love and that it will draw her closer to the Lord! For is by Christian love others may know the Lord truly exists. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ FEBRUARY 2010A Growing Team!It’s a new academic school year and the college campuses in Cape Town are open again. Not only is it a new year, but our missions team have new team members! It’s such an exciting time because the Lord is truly growing our team.

A Growing Team! From Left, me, Rose, Nicholas and Pravani, Leon and Melanie, Laureen, and Jerrah

We are all excited to welcome Jerrah Jackson from Indiana, Laureen from Nebraska, and Nicholas and Pravani from Pretoria, South Africa. In just weeks, the Lord has nearly tripled our Campus Ministry Team! This year we anticipate reaching 4 Universities in Cape Town. Our vision is to launch student- led spiritual movements of evangelism and discipleship on these campuses. The University of Western Cape campus already has a student-led movement where 5 students are leading weekly large group bible study, a small group women’s bible study, and men’s small group bible study. Because the Lord is growing our team, we will be able to reach not just one college campus this year, but four! New Grounds: The University of Cape Town

The University of Cape Town main campus

Here is the University of Cape Town. This is the new campus we will be working at in opening a Campus Ministry this year! This campus is huge and has more than 21,000 students and is located in the heart of Cape Town.

Sharing the Gospel on campus with students. Jerrah (red shirt) sharing with one student and Leon (siting with yellow shirt) sharing with another student.

The spiritual climate on this campus is very different from previous campuses. Students are less interested with engaging in spiritual conversations. Instead, students desire to know intellectually about Jesus. Student’s minds are more open to learn about Jesus and why the need for a Savior. Students want to know how is Jesus relevant today? What is sin? Who goes to Heaven and Hell? What makes your bible true? These are some questions I experienced thus far. Students are lost in New Age beliefs and modernism believing that all paths lead to heaven, believing that all Truth is relative (example: Whatever is true for you is true and whatever is true for me is true for me.) and that there is no absolute truth. Students here desire Truth, but are not readily accepting that Jesus is the only way to the Father. One day while sharing the Gospel on campus with my team mate Laureen we met Taffy from Zimbabwe.  She is a follower of Jesus Christ and has been in South Africa for a few years now. She was so joyful and was encouraged to meet us.

Sharing the Gospel with Taffy

A Birthday Worth Celebrating Just 2 weeks ago my 25th birthday passed. However, just 2 weeks ago I was facing the possibility of returning home due to lack of funds. I experienced the hand of God raise up $1,000 monthly support for me over a 2 week span which usually takes monthsto raise! I experienced the Lord hearing my voice and answered my prayer that I would stay here to serve Him here in Cape Town in ministry. I am reminded of the scripture that says,

“I love the Lord because He has heard my voice;

He heard my cry for mercy.

Because he turned his ear to me,

I will call on him as long as I live.

The Lord is gracious and righteous;

Our God is full of compassion.

The Lord protects the simpehearted;

When I was in great need, he saved me.

How can I repay the Lord

for all his goodness to me?

– Psalm 116:1-2, 5-6

How good is our Lord? He is great, and mighty, and compassionate. He is strong and all powerful, and worthy of all our trust. If I were a tree as the scriptures describe, my roots would be growing deeper in God. I walked away from returning home the weekend of my birthday to seeing the Lord perform such a miracle in the midst of a country of financial ruin. I can say that I trust the Lord in much more of a profound way that I ever thought I could because of His great love. Here’s looking forward to another great year in ministry in South Africa! How can I express my gratitude to Ministry Partners and individuals like you that compassionately responded and sacrificially gave so that I will be able to stay here in South Africa and serve God. From the bottom of my heart, thank you all to my Ministry Partners, church supporters, family, and friends who contributed to me being able to stay and serve the Lord! Thank you for your tremendous support, emails, phone calls, and love! May God richly bless you and keep you for your tremendous work! Amen :-) ~Tammi Praise Reports! ~ I will be able to stay in South Africa in ministry! I am so grateful that the Lord has raised up my financial support so that I can stay and serve Him here. Praise God! ~ My future room mate and I have found an apartment! We will be signing a lease in 2 days and hope to be moving in in 2 weeks. Please keep us in prayer for our contract and just grace. This is our first time signing a lease and we are excited. Its exciting because we will be closer to the rest of our team (a few doors down!) Its such an answer to prayer that we will be close to each other and have each others love and support :-) Prayer Requests: ~ We are trusting in the Lord to provide items such as donated items for us as we move in. Currently the place w live in is fully furnished. We are trusting God to provide a refrigerator, mattresses, cooking utensils, and pretty much any item that youo could think of when you move into an empty apartment. We know God will provide. Thank for praying for us! ~ Pray for our student conference Ubuntu coming up in 4 weeks. Our team is in the process of planning for a 400 student attendance March 19-22. It will be an awesome conference where students will be empowered by meeting other Christian college students from all over South Africa, Kenya, and other countries of how to become future leaders of Africa.

January 2010….I have a very hard reality to share currently impacting my ministry. Dear Ministry Partners, Family, and Friends, Happy New Year and I hope that this email finds you very well. It’s been just 2 weeks since I’ve arrived back safely to South Africa from the Ivory Coast. The Pamoja conference was such a surreal experience in being able to expose the college students I disciple to this experience. I am grateful the Lord granted me in my lifetime the privilege to be among 1,100 Christian college students from all over the continent of Africa representing over 36 countries! Connecting with people who are also missionaries with the same vision, mission, and heart desiring to see all college campuses in Africa reached for Christ was beyond inspirational for me. The seminars were amazing, the speakers were incredible, and I walked away challenged and more emboldened as a Follower of Jesus Christ. The New Year is creating a tangible buzz throughout Cape Town. The college campuses have just opened this past Monday and students involved with the Impact Movement are evangelizing on their college campus. Just this week, my students I coach told me “Tammi, I shared the Gospel with 11 people today!” exclaimed Robyn-Lee, a student I disciple from the University of Western Cape. “Hey Tammi, can you help me with my time management skills? Classes start next week and I have to figure out how to balance sharing the Gospel with at least 3 students everyday and disciple those who become new Christians and study for classes,” shares Igshaan, an ex-Muslim who has been following Jesus Christ since his teenage years now serving through the Impact Movement as a student. Igshaan along with other South African students made the decision to serve the Lord in full time ministry through the Impact Movement immediately after graduation this upcoming December. I know the Lord has called me to be here to serve Him in this ministry because of such fruitfulness. Thank you everyone who are supporting me financially, prayerfully, and through various ways of encouragement! (emails, text messages, loving spontaneous cards in the mail, and thoughtful care packages!) However, I have a very hard reality to share currently impacting my ministry. Since my arrival in April 2009, I have seen more than 40% decrease in my monthly support because of lapsed partners. Due to this shortfall, I will not be able to fulfill my commitment to serve with the Western Cape Campus team through December 2010. The remaining 60 % will not sustain me to serve in ministry for the original intended term until December 2010. Just this Friday, a very hard decision was made. I have just 2 weeks to trust in the Lord to replace the $1,000 monthly support I am lacking. If $1,000 monthly support is not raised within 2 weeks I will return back to Chicago in early February to raise my support within a time window of 2-3 months. After completing my financial goal in Chicago, I will then return back to South Africa to rejoin my team in April to complete my term until Dec 2010. Although this is very a disheartening message, I am confident the Lord sees me and will be glorified in either circumstance. My prayer is not to return back to the US but I am praying that His will be done. What would be indubitably helpful is if you would join me and my team in diligent prayer and to respond in action through the following helpful ways: If you are my Ministry Partner (an individual or entity financially supporting me monthly) could you please do the following by Friday this week: –          Call Campus Crusade for Christ 1888-CRUSADE to ensure your monthly giving has not discontinued with me because of expired credit cards, new checking account, new bank card, etc. –          If your giving has erroneously stopped but you find this an error please call 1-888-CRUSADE and indicate you intend to continue supporting Tammi Jordan ministry account # 0612129 –          Please look forward to me calling you from Africa from a 773 area code telephone number sometime this week to connect with you. I would just love to connect with you :-) If you are a Prayer Supporter (an individual or entity committed to praying for me) could you please join with me and my team in the following prayer items?: –          Pray the Lord will raise many new Ministry Partners to replace my discontinued Ministry Partners up to $1,000 monthly support by my deadline Monday February 8th 2010. –          Pray the Lord touches my Ministry Partners unaware their giving has stopped with me. Please pray with me the Holy Spirit reminds them of their commitment and I will be able to contact them regarding their gifts. –          Pray for my landlord. I am unable to pay my rent for next month. Please pray the Lord grants me immense favor the decision that will have to be made where I will live in February. –          Pray for the favor of the Lord of possibility of living in a property rent free for the year. The owner of the property is prayerfully considering allowing me and my soon-to-be roommate Laureen move in rent free! This would be such a tremendous blessing. Their decision will be given to us tomorrow (Tuesday), please pray with us. –          Pray the Lord blesses each phone call I make this everyday this week between 2- 4 am Cape Town time. I pray He grants me strength as I seek to reach those who desire to become my new Ministry Partners. Once again, thank you for your supportive commitment either through financial support or prayerfully. If you or anyone you know would like to become my new ministry partner committing to $100 a month or any other amount until Dec 2010 may be able to do so through the following ways: Online: Mail in Check written to Impact Movement with Tammi Jordan 0612129 written at bottom of check to by Feb 5th 2010: Campus Crusade for Christ PO BOX 628222 Orlando, FL 32862-8222 Thank you and I will continue to keep you updated how the Lord is leading my financial support of raising 1,000 monthly support through new ministry partners. Serving Him, Tammi Jordan


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