Farewell to SA: FAQ

How are you handling all of this?

Our family is truly in a good place. Honestly, its a bitter sweet feeling for us. It’s never easy saying goodbye to the people you have labored in the trenches with for years, but we sense their strength and encouragement behind us as we walk forward into what God has next for us. It’s also not easy picking up and moving yet again, especially in this regard, but we our joyful for what is ahead.

How is your South African team handling all of this?

They are sad. It’s a funny place for them to be in because they don’t want to see us go, and yet they want for us what God has for us. So, they are handling it well in our eyes. It will initially be a bit difficult to continue on in ministry with us leaving somewhat of a missing piece on the team, especially since no one will be immediately taking Jerrah’s position as provincial team leader for the campus ministry in Cape Town.

What will you do next in ministry?

We will be taking 2 months off from the vocation of ministry once we return to the States. After that, Jerrah will be pursuing a job position with our home church Traders Point Christian Church. We are not yet sure what that will look like, but we are sure it will slowly unfold as time goes on. As long as our family is flourishing, ministry will happen.

So, whats next for Tammi?
Over the past 3 years, we have lived in 6 different houses. Tammi is looking forward to settling in, nesting, and creating a space to call home for the family. She also plans to write a few books to publish in the future. One of those books will be about our lives in South Africa.

What will you do with all of your things in SA?

We are currently in the process of selling and giving away most of our things. Its a tedious process to do in a month’s time, but things are working out really well for it all to happen before we leave. In retrospect, it is such a blessing to already have all our things in storage and packed up. That wouldn’t be the case if God hadn’t caused us to move out of our house before we left last year.

What will happen to all your financial support?

If you are partnered with us financially, please continue to do so until August 1. Further, it would be such a blessing to see that support continue to be used for reaching the world through South African college students. We would like for that support to be sent to one of our teammates still serving in South Africa. We will have more info on that soon.

Will you ever go back to South Africa?

Of course! The idea that we wouldn’t ever return¬†is far from us. In what capacity we will return is another subject. It is not our place to say whether we will return to do ministry or not. Only God knows.