We’ve been back in the States for about a month now and typically we hear the phrase from family and friends, “Welcome home!” This phrase has caused me to wonder what “home” really is. As international missionaries, our lives are quite different from the usual person. We have lived our lives in constant transition without a true sense of fully belonging anywhere, living in more than 5 houses in the last 5 years, and yet finding comfort in the thrill of the unexpected because it keeps us trusting God and being provided for in truly amazing ways! But when it comes to “home” we are realizing that it’s more than just a house or geographical location.logo-valor-homes-black

It has been said that “home is where the heart is,” but I like to say”home is where my wife and kids are.” Maybe it means the same thing, but I want to be specific to avoid confusion (I guess I just want to be original too). If home was a house or geographical location, then it seems as if that is where we are supposed to thrive and not move somewhere else. At least that’s my perception of it.

I was once told that this world isn’t my home and as a follower of Jesus that’s actually true, but a friend reminded me of this at the worst time ever – when we suddenly had to move out of our house in South Africa in less than 2 weeks. Eventually, I realized the validity of the statement (especially since it’s in the Bible) and my perspective on “home” changed to the place where I find comfort and security.  First and foremost, it’s true that we find it in our Lord, the God of the universe who is called a “rock and refuge” in scripture, meaning He’s fully in control and fully capable to handle anything on our behalf. Secondly, it is my wife and children who provide endless amounts of laughter, comfort, and encouragement. Plus, it just wouldn’t be an adventure with them!

Ultimately, we know we would choose this life over anything else no matter where we are simply because of the surpassing joy of seeing people’s lives changed for eternity and knowing that our reward comes when we meet Jesus face-to-face in our true….Home.

The adventure continues.




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