What does it mean to “disciple” someone?

Is it to teach them something important that they previously didn’t know? Or is it taking someone from a state of inexperience to one of maturity? In essence, when Jesus used the term as a noun, He meant a “follower.” Therefore, when we disciple someone, we are teaching them to be a follower, more specifically, a follower of Jesus in not only what He taught but also in how he executed particular ministry skills. Jesus spent a year and a half modeling ministry to his followers before he had them go and try it out for themselves. He assisted when it was needed, watched, and eventually left them to go and do the same with others.

As a ministry, that is our heart as we Win Build and Send towards the fulfillment of Jesus’ Great Commission for us to go and make disciples. But here’s the rub: disciples won’t create themselves. We have to take the initiative in the power of the Holy Spirit and leave the results to God. Our ministry here in Cape Town has been using a method called M.A.W.L., which stands for Model, Assist, Watch, and Leave, to make disciples who make more disciples.

I met Realeboga (Rea) a year ago and began walking a path with him that led to us meeting weekly for either one-on-one bible study or a time of going out and evangelizing. We finished 2015 with him desiring to grow even more in his walk with God and learn more about how to share his faith. We continued that walk over the last 2 months purely with intense evangelism training where I moved from modeling it, to having him share his faith with someone while I assisted with the conversation. Pretty soon I found myself simply watching him share with complete strangers to the point where, one day, I left him to go with a fellow student to share their faith together. Afterwards, he returned ecstatic and as I inquired about how their time went, he shared that he had started a conversation with a friend who ended up making the decision to receive Christ! Now he will begin the same process I started with him a year ago with his friend.


Talking with Rea about living a Spirit-Filled life.

You can do this same thing with someone you know who needs to know God personally or someone who needs to grow in their relationship with Him. It not only works on a college campus but in the market place where relational evangelism is the perfect method by which you share your faith journey with people and invite them to begin their faith journey with God too, through a genuine relationship with Jesus. We all have a role in this, and the fact is, some people need to know, others need to grow, but we all need to GO!


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