Passing the Baton

“How are we going to do this!?” This question buzzed through the minds of the 2 students I (Jerrah) met with to challenge to lead the ministry at their campus, the University of Western Cape. Their concern was that since we weren’t going to be present on campus that often, they were going to be alone and without help, which wasn’t true. We would help, but it was their turn to take the lead and use the training we had exposed them to throughout 2014.

“You only need two things,” I said. I continued on to explain that in order to be a part of building a spiritual movement at their campus they need to 1.) Love what they do and have fun with it. No one is going to do something for long if they don’t gain joy from it. And 2.) Have a solid and close walk with God, because everything that they would do would be an overflow of what they’re personal relationship with God was like.

As they gained more confidence from imagining what God would do through them, excitement filled their hearts and ideas flowed through their minds. They were ready. I promised to be by their sides and to resource them with whatever they needed.

One of the best ways to mobilize others is to give them a Kingdom vision. Our is to build spiritual movements every where so that everyone know someone who truly follows Jesus. I honestly cant wait to see what the Lord will do through them as the year unfolds. We are trusting God with them that he would fill them with His spirit and lead them the way in which they should go.

Changing the world, one student at a time.


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