You could feel it in the air as you stepped onto the upper campus of the University of Cape Town (UCT). Loads of students were walking back and forth passing by each other with direction and a bit of confusion. Most of these people were 1st year students to the campus and were bombarded with various organizations  trying to give them their sales pitch for why they should sign up and join their society.

We’ve grown to learn that students today find their identity in what community they are a part of and everyone was bidding for their attention whether it was to join a church, play video games, become more politically minded, or join the Hip Hop club.

We decided to take advantage of the moment and spent 3 days on the campus talking to nearly 200 students over that time span. Many said they were Christians, while some said that they had never had someone share the gospel with them. We spoke with Atheists, Muslims, Jews, and Hindus gathering a better understanding of their beliefs. In the end, we felt prepared and excited to be a part of meeting the spiritual need of the campus and looking to reach and change the world one student at a time.


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