Humbly Called to Great Things

Reconnecting with an old friend.

Reconnecting with an old friend.

Recently I sat across the table with a student I met 6 years ago. He is from a small city in a small country and, at the time, was preparing to move to “The Big Apple.” I listened in amazement as he told me how he was preparing to leave in a few hours to move to New York to attend Columbia University to study Public Health in hopes of returning to his home country of Cameroon to use his knowledge and experience to help his people.

“There were other people in my city with more money than me, and smarter than me who were not given the opportunities I was given,” he explained.


It was apparent that God had put him into the positions and places he had been for a reason, but he wasn’t (and still isn’t) sure what that is. I never knew that I would play such a significant role in his spiritual development when I met him 6 years ago.

See Video Interview

In 2008, the Lord called me to go on a short mission trip to South Africa to minister to college students. I went with very few expectations since the reason I was there was because God told me, not because I wanted to go and share my faith with South African college students. I was unaware that God had a plan to rock my world and change my life forever once that mission trip was over, but then again He didn’t need my permission to do so.

On one particular day at the University of Western Cape, after concluding an outreach event meant to draw a crowd in order to share the gospel with them, a friend and I headed towards a group of guys to start up a conversation about Christ. Chris was a part of that group. We shared the gospel with them but only a couple hung around to continue listening. Chris was one of them. He accepted Christ that day and started a new journey with God, one that he had never experienced before. He is still on that journey today as he prepares to spend 2 years at an American university, one of the best, in fact.

Sharing with Chris

Explaining the Good News to Chris in 2008

Sharing with Chris group

Sharing with the group after the outreach (Chris top right)







praying with Chris

Praying with Chris (sitting left with head bowed) and his friend Ludovic.

As a ministry, our mission is that the students we meet be introduced to Jesus, built up to maturity in their faith, and sent out to their spheres of influence as carries of light for Christ. Pray for Chris as he ventures into this new phase, and that he may be a living testimony of the love and grace of God. Pray also for his boldness to be a witness for Christ.

Reaching the world, one student at a time….


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