“Hey babe, I don’t really know the best way to say this so I’m just going to say it. I think we may need to take a pregnancy test when we get home.” It was midnight and we were driving home from just having a fun movie night with friends.

Just days before, we met a woman that prayed over both of us. There was something different about her as she began to encourage us about our ministry and relationship with the Lord. She even spoke of prayers that only Tammi and I knew from our personal times of prayer with the Lord- which stunned us in a very encouraging way. Lastly, she asked, “Tammi can I pray for your womb, your womb is blessed!” as she continued to pray with her hand over Tammi’s stomach.

I [Tammi] thought this was very surprising that she knew so much about my personal prayer life with the Lord. You must know that my number 1 prayer to Jesus was, “Lord, when you want us to have children, will You please surprise us?” I prayed that earnestly for over 2 years. My thought was when Jesus felt like we are ready for a baby He would give us one. Jesus’ opinion of us being ready for parenthood trumps any family planning we could ever make. So when she prayed these words over my womb, I knew the Lord was giving us a huge clue about our surprise baby!

As Tammi said this, I [Jerrah]  held both hands holding on to the steering wheel and respond, “Okay.”

I had a let’s-wait-and-see kind of approach about this. We arrived home after midnight and took the test.The test was ready and we covered it up so neither of us could see the results. I said, “Ok, whatever the results are, we’re going to trust God’s timing and plan.” If there was only one line then results meant we were “not pregnant,” if it displayed two lines the results meant “pregnant.”  We both took a deep breath and removed the paper we had over it….

DSC06139“Baby we’re pregnant!” Tammi exclaimed.

Excitement was in the atmosphere in our home as we began to celebrate (much hugging, laughing, and being silly together).” “Wait,” I said. “Let’s take another test just to be sure.” Tammi agreed as we jumped into the car at 12:30 am to go find another open store. After finding an open pharmacy, we grabbed the new test and drove home. The second test results? Pregnant. It was official. We were about to become parents!

Now we are 3 months in and loving it. One thing is for sure, God’s timing is always right and we are learning to trust Him on a deeper level than we’ve ever experienced before!

Now that you know our story, here are some frequently asked questions we’ve received recently:

Q: Are you nervous moving to South Africa being pregnant?

A: Not at all! God planned this- literally :-) We know the Lord has us firmly in the grip of His hand in the USA and overseas.

Q: What language will your baby learn?

A: Our home and heart language will be bilingual of English and Spanish because that is what we speak. The baby will also learn Afrikaans, one of the heart languages of Cape Town and the people group we physically resemble.

Q: Will you deliver your baby in South Africa?

A: Yes we will in June 2014! South Africa is a highly developed country with an awesome medical system. Did you know the first open heart surgery was performed in South Africa?

Q: If your baby is born in South Africa, will it be a South African citizen?

A: No. Since we are both American citizens the baby will be born as an American citizen as well.

Q: Are you still on target for leaving at the top of 2014?

A: Yes we are. We are very excited about what the Lord has in store for our lives! As presumed, our financial needs have increased for any couple expecting a new baby and we are continuing to trust Him to meet our every need as He has promised to be fully funded missionaries before leaving the USA.


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