In this Together


“It’s OK, I got you! Just let go and lean back!”

One of my first lessons about rock climbing was trusting the person, who literally had my life in their hands, to hold me if I fell off the rock wall. It’s scary at first, but once you lean back and let them hold you, you automatically feel peace – well at least I did.  Thanks to a South African teammate’s recent post about the importance of partnership in the mission to see the lost come to follow Jesus and find life in him, we decided to do one ourselves. I once heard a pastor say, “If you aren’t the one going down into the well, then hold the rope that sends someone down.”

The picture above is the perfect representation of the relationship between us and our ministry partners, and it is beautiful! Beautiful, because it shows that we are in this together. It says that not only has God called us to the mission field, but he has equally called our partners to be the conduit through which He sends us, and it’s beautiful. Now that’s a wonderful reminder to us of how blessed we are to have people partnering with us through their unceasing prayers and continual financial support.  Team work is a beautiful thing…



2 thoughts on “In this Together

  1. Jerrah and Tammie, Hey, would you mind changing our email address to one we use for communicating back and forth with friends? :) We originally gave you this one, but we don’t use this one as much. So, this is the email address you can communicate to us — We are back together as a small group (same group members!) and we would love to see you and hear about your journey to get to S.Africa—the ways God has moved in your lives and answered prayers. It is so encouraging to see you younger people with a passion and purpose. Sometimes life gets us older folks too wrapped up in being busy! Ughhhh Thanks for keeping us posted on your journey. Could you send us your link for the video about your time in S. Africa Part 2 (via email) to so we can get to it easier? Thanks bunches! Jim and Sharla Bryant


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