Family Accepts Christ: Joins The Family

“I will make you fishers of men.” ~Jesus

Monday morning.  Jerrah and I usually pray together before our day begins. Usually, we pray for the people we will meet during the day. This morning, however, was different. After praying, Jerrah looked up at me and said, “Tammi while praying I just saw a picture of a fish hook…” Immediately the words of Jesus came to mind where He says, “Follow me and I will make you fishers of men” Mattthew 4:18-22. “Jerrah if we meet anyone today who isn’t a believer we should share the Gospel with them and see what the Lord does!” I said.

The entire day, we were bubbling inside with this tangible anticipation that someone would hear about Jesus. The entire day passes and those we spoke with already knew the Lord. Toward the end of the day, around 5pm, we visited some of my family members just to stop by casually and say hello.
Before getting out the car, we sat and prayed “Well Lord, its the end of our day. We give you the freedom to have your way even here as we go into this home.” We entered the home and Jerrah and I were greeted with hugs and kisses from 2 of my family members. We soon sat down in the living room. “So what do you have to share with us?” They both eagerly asked.  Jerrah and I began to share stories from our time spent being missionaries in Africa for about 2 years, laughing, and sharing pictures.

“Okay great, what else do you have for us?” we were asked again. I was sort of thrown off by the question.
“Well, umm.. we don’t have anything else to share really. We just wanted to stop by that’s all and…”

“Okay, well what about the religion you share over there? Is it Baptist of something? What is it? What do you tell people while over there?” they pressed in more.

Wide eyed, I glanced at Jerrah, thinking to myself “This is why God brought us over here!” So we went right into the Gospel message. “Well the message we love to share is how God loves us and has a plan for our lives. The problem is that sin in our lives result in a separated state from God. Jesus came into the world to bridge that gap on our behalf. If we confess our sins, ask God to forgive our sins, and invite Jesus into our lives, Jesus will come into your life and give you eternal life. We all must respond to this message individually.”

“Well Tammi, I don’t know anything about God besides what I read from your mail that you send every month. I’ve kept every last one of them downstairs. I don’t know anything about this,” she says shaking her head.

Jerrah asked, “Well has anyone ever told you two how faith in Jesus is the way to having a real relationship with God?”

Looking at each other and talking they both responded, “No I never heard that. No I dont think so.”

Jerrah holding up his two hands in the air said, “There are two lifestyles. This one here, is the self directed life. The person is in control of their own life and Christ is not in it. However theres another life here and is called the Christ-directed life. Christ is in control of the life not the self. Which one are you two?”

“Oh yea! I know I’m the self directed life,” one family member just exclaimed out. Jerrah turned to the other and asked, “Okay and how about you?” “Well, Im Christ directed I believe.” After asking a few questions we found out she never personally invited Jesus into her life.

Looking at the both of them, I said “If you both want to we can pray with you right now and you can rceive Jesus now. Would you want that?” They both responded with a an eager yes!

So I got up and walked over and sat on the couch next to my 78 year old grandmother’s side. Holding hands, she was led into a prayer and she asked Jesus to come into her life. Once she finished repeating my words of this prayer, she looked up at me and exclaimed, “Oh, that’s it?! Okay, well alright!” she said through a playful smile!

I looked over at Jerrah and he just finished praying with my auntie.

My grandma said, “Okay, so next time you visit you should come for about 15-30 minutes so we can read the bible together. I want to learn. Just write out some things for me to learn. I need a start-up plan, Tammi. I need a start- up plan.” So we did just that! The next day, we gave them brand new bibles and devotionals and taught them how to use the bible and where to begin!

So yes, the journey here begins…!!

Praise God! God is so faithful to answering our prayers. Please pray for them because they are new followers of Jesus and are very, very hungry for Him! Keep praying for your family no matter how many years it takes. Then, when you see God open that particular door all you have to do  is initiate and act on that prayer! The Holy Spirit is always doing His job, we just have to initiate to bring it to full circle. Amen and Amen!


2 thoughts on “Family Accepts Christ: Joins The Family

  1. Praise God and Amen! What an encouraging letter of hope and believing God when He reveals something to you in prayer! My brother is 68 and not saved. This gives me hope that God is not slow concerning His promise.

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