Our Timing or God’s?

We often coin the phrase “He may not come when you want him, but he’s always there on time.” Do we really believe this in the midst of waiting?

Is it easy for us to hold back thoughts when we want God to do something immediately? I myself sometimes ask, “God, can you just do something right now!?” This is a request that I’ve had in mind way too often. Im sure that to God this may sound more like,”Hey, I know better than You do. I obviously see my life’s entire timeline and it would fully work out just fine if I took over right now.”

On the other hand, there are indeed those times in our lives when God acts precisely when we least expect it. (I think he likes doing it this way in order to show his greatness)  For instance, there was a woman we were anticipating meeting after church recently to share with her about what God is doing with South African college students. We waited after church in hopes of seeing her, but with no avail. We asked around and waited more. We even waited in areas that she would normally be on any given sunday- still nothing. For firty-five minutes we were thinking, “Lord, please let us meet her today.”

Eventually we decided it was time to leave. We walked towards the doors of the church and bumped into some friends outside and held a conversation for a few minutes. Tammi reminded me that I left something in the church that needed to be picked up. So we ventured back into the church to look for it. As we continued down the hall, the very lady we were looking for was walking towards us perpendicular to our path. With a smile on her face, she pointed to us and excliamed “I knew this was going to happen! Hey guys!”

We find out that she only comes to church once every other month due to her job overseas. Coincidence? Luck? I think not. The time it took for us to waiting for her, to talk with our friends, and the walk back inside the church were precise timing.

God hears our prayers and his answer is always yes, no, or later. As we pray for God to send us back overseas to South Africa to minister to the college students, as much as we want to leave today, we must trust His timing is right and not ours. Does that mean we can’t ask him to send us sooner rather than later? Of course not. There will, however, be a party bigger than you can imagine when that day we are sent to Africa does comes. Here on earth and in heaven!

Enjoy his timing and rest in his sovereignty.




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