A Birthday to Remember

I opened my eyes the morning of September 21st with an anticipation that I haven’t had in a while. There I was, freshly into the first day of the 26th year of my life with a wife who adores me and no children. It was time to live it up, and only one person in the house knew what was going down. Tammi.

“Make sure your nails are clipped,” she told me as we awoke to begin the day. We loaded up the car and headed out for a suposed day of adventure. “Close your eyes,” she said as we were driving. Minutes later, we got out the car and I was led like a blind man up a flight of stairs.  “Ok, open them!”she said.

I opened my eyes to cascade of adventure! It was an indoor rock climbing facility with all the fixin’s! We received lessons and were off to explore the many different opportunities to climb something. If you’re like me, then you grew up loving to climb stuff all the time. You probably never really lost that love as you became an adult. This here was my chance at greatness! So, as time went on, we learned techniques such as “belaying” and proper foot placements. When it was all said and done, we left with sore fingers, throbbing arms, dirty hands, and an unimaginable amount of hope for the next time we returned to that place.

Afterwards, we took a break and got some lunch. Tammi was eager to give me a present she had for me during lunch (as if rock climbing wasn’t enough.) After we finished eating, she gave it to me while still in the restaurant. It was an envelope with something in it. “What could it be?” I thought as I opened the envelope. Lo and behold, I pulled out a gift card, but not just any gift card. It was a Best Buy gift card. I screamed like a little girl on the inside but wasn’t man enough to show it on the outside. I however did show my anticipation of what I would buy there. Best Buy is like a grown man’s Toys R Us and I was about to run around in that store like crazy.

While we were there, all of these ideas just began to explode in my mind. These ideas had nothing to do with what I was going to purchase that day but much later. “Hmm,” I began to think “If I get two of those for the price of one of these, I could save some good money. Oh! And if I get this then I wouldnt have to worry about that in the future!” The possibilities we endles! Then again, I only had $50 on the card and 90% of everything there costed $100 and up! Oh, but I had a plan. DVD’s! That’s right, DVD’s. I left from the store as happy as a kid leaving a candy store excited about my strategic buys and my even more strategic plans for future buys.

The next stop was church, but this wasn’t a church service. It was a marriage conference. What a way to end the evening than with the love of my life strengthing the second most important relationship in my life! Jesus being the first. The speaker’s name was Pastor Mark Driscoll of Mars Hill Church in Seattle, WA. We love this guy and have been listening to him way before Tammi and I ever knew each other. He spoke about the importance of friendship in marriage and how not to become “good roommates, ” and that one shouldn’t prepare for the first day of marriage but rather the final day- and making it count. This conference gave a good spark to our conversations and our marriage overall and was very much needed.

The conference was two days long and Tammi had one more thing up her sleeve to surprise me with on the second day! Once again I found myself riding in the car, eyes closed, wondering where she was taking me. I got out the car and walked up yet another flight of stairs and stood in a room of silence. Then, “SURPRISE!!” Friends shouted as I opened my eyes and stood in my friend’s living room. What was on the menu? Well, Cold Stone’s ice cream cake of course! We ended that evening playing with games, laughting, and enjoying a lovely double chocolate cupcake.

Now that’s what I call a birthday to be remembered. I love my wife :)


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