Neighborhood Kids Find Christ

As I was sitting watching TV today, our doorbell rang. I got up, wondering who it might be, and opened the door. It was one of the boys I had spoken to yesterday after finding them playing in that abandoned house next door (See Last Christian Generation). His name is Darius. What was cool about it was he brought a friend along with him! His name is Kenny. I couldn’t believe it! He came back like he said he would, and he brought a friend!

“Hold on, I want to show you guys something.” I ran back inside my house and found my solarium cards. I came back outside and told them I wanted to ask them some questions with these cards. I laid them all out on my front step and asked them a series of questions like, “After you choose 3 cards that best represent your life, tell me why.” Or I would say, “Choose 1 picture that represents God to you.” I was exposed to some harsh realities of their home life as well as their personal longings.

“Can I share something with you?” I pulled out a booklet similar to the one I tried to use yesterday. “God loves you and He wants you to know Him personally.” I stated, as I began this journey with them of hearing the gospel for the first time. “Knowing all this intellectually won’t be enough to get you to God. You have to respond,” I said as God used me to explain to them the necessity of receiving Christ for yourself.

“Don’t you have to go to church for that?” Darius said.

“Nope. That’s the cool thing about this message. You can hear it and receive it any where! Including right here right now,” I stated. Its interesting how many people are lead to believe the misconception that you only get saved at church. “Is this something you guys want? Is this something you desire?”

“Yes,” They said, one after the other.

I read an example pray for them and they prayed it with me. “This isn’t where it ends. This is where it begins!” I said as I told them of the importance of living it out and growing in their relationship with God from now on. ” As these two young new believers said Amen, they opened their eyes and were looking as though they were thinking about something. “What’s on your mind? What are you thinking about?”

“I want to start my life over.” Darius said in a soft voice.

“What about you, Kenny?” I asked.

“Yea, I want to start my life over too,” He said.

“Well you can,” I promised both of them. I gave them the booklet and two bibles to read. “Read through this book first,” I said, pointing to the book of John. “It will teach you a lot about who Jesus is. Come back and we can talk about it more and get into the Bible and grow.”

“Yea, we’ll be back next weekend,” Darius assured me.

We talked a little more and I sent them on their way. Only God knows what’s going on in their hearts and minds right now. All I know is, He’s more real to them now than He ever was before. Now its time to see these boys become men one day, week, weekend at a time. Would you pray with me as God uses my life to pour into theirs every opportunity He gives me?

Looks like the next Christian generation is on the move…


5 thoughts on “Neighborhood Kids Find Christ

  1. Oh no! The ad on the end of your post is about that psycho-little-girl-that-gets-possessed-by-a-demon movie… it would be wouldn’t it?

    But your story was awesome! :)

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