Truly Inspired

You know, it’s one thing to read the bible and wonder, “How in the world did God do that?” And be sorta fine with knowing that He used regular people to do extraordinary tasks. It’s another thing to hear God tell you that He’s going to do the same thing with you…

As we continue to raise support for our ministry, we have been constantly reminded that “support” has many different faces, and the faces we have seen lately have looked like, “Inspiring” faces or “Helpful” faces. God has been bringing people across our path lately who have been just that. “I’m going to give you more than just financial support. Don’t limit me guys.” We would hear him say. “I’m going to teach you somethings too.”

So here we are with a greater sense of things. Inspired more to connect with people like you, the person reading this right now. Inspired to plant a seed of encouragement in your heart as you give ears to our vision and mission. So, in the words of Samuel L. Jackson from Jurassic Park 1, “Hold on to ya butts,” because God is about to blow us away! And stick with us, because you will be the first to know. -Jerrah


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