Growing in Leadership: Ubuntu National Conference

My Leadership and Personal Development:

I feel as if the  Lord is really growing my leadership skills. At the Ubuntu conference I taught a seminar on the topic of Discipleship and why this spiritual mentoring relationship is important for both believers and new believers. Discipleship is necessary so that individuals can be equipped and trained to develop others up in the way of Christ.

I never thought I would be asked to prepare a teaching to speak at a national conference. Just the thought it this is very humbling and I thank the Lord for boldness in which I know comes from Him. In addition to this, I was the Coffee House Director creating a relaxing atmosphere for all the college students to have fun and fellowship the first night of the conference.

Jerrah and I as emcees hyping up the crowd for the Coffee House event night

I learn as I fall more in love with the Lord that he unravels and shows us precious jewels buried deep in us. He is our Father and He created us. He challenges us to do things we would never consider doing- only because He knows what we are made of. I praise the Lord for being stretched to be comfortable with public speaking and entertaining college students as an emcee. I learn more about myself serving God as I am learning to grow closer to Him and serving my college students. Surely God has much in store for us! How exciting that the Lord is commited to our growth!

Farewell Ubuntu students. See you in the next 2 years. Join with us in prayer that all the students who participated this conference will carry the vision fully equipped to reach their college campuses for the Lost!

South African students at Ubuntu conference


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