Pamoja Conference in The Ivory Coast West Africa

Attending the Pamoja II Conference in Ivory Coast, West Africa was a life changing experience.

I had the opportunity to take the students I coach from the college campus from the Western Cape to this Christian conference to be equipped how to evangelize on their campus, attend seminars to be grounded in their faith, and many other seminars. Here is a group photo of my students who attended and my team leader, Leon.

Ready for departure at the airport: From Left, Ighsaan, Nadia, and Grayson. From back, Leon my team leader,and myself

Attending this conference was such a step of faith for Igshaan and Grayson. Not only have they never flown an airplane before but they also had to trust the Lord in a way they never anticipated. These students trusted in the Lord to financially provide as they raised their own monetary funds. These students raised thousands of Rand and the Lord provided so they could attend this conference.

Three airplanes, a bus ride, and nearly 24 hours later we arrived! We discovered that over 1,100 college students from all over the continent of Africa were at this conference. Over 36 African countries were represented here is as well. The spirit of this conference was phenonomal and the spirit of love was overwhelming. The love was so tangible… there was such a thrill and excitement in the air. Everyone  you met hugged you and wanted to learn where you were from, what language you spoke, and your involvement in the ministry. The Lord showed me that I am a part of something h-u-g-e! Christians from all over the world are serving Him in some of the most remotest places of the Earth.

I learned so much about Africa and about God’s people who are diligently serving Him here. The message I walked away with is knowing that there is a vision for Africa and that for it to be changed for Christ.

I met a host of Christians from all over the continent such as Kenya, Ethopia, Ivory Coast, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Egypt, Ghana, Senegal, Nigeria, just to name a few! Everyone assumed I was either Ethopian or a Coloured from South Africa! I met with many other missionaries whose mission field is the same as mines- in college campus ministry.

The Opening Ceremony! Attendees joyously and proudly waving their flag on stage.

The speakers at Pamoja were amazing and the praise and worship was unlike anything I experienced. There was even a special ceremony where students wore their traditional attire and presented one worship or praise song to share on stage.

Kenyan students!

Making good friends from the Ivory Coast! There was a New Years Celebration full of praise, dance,and worship!

I walked away from this conference feeling so challenged yet inspired in my Christian faith. Speakers like Josh McDowell challenged me to learn more of the history of the bible and how to know that the bible is historically true and accurate. I learned from Bekele Shanto personal testimony of how God called him into ministry when he was in college. He has been following God since and shared amazing testimonies of how God used him to show Christian media such as The Jesus Film in Muslim countries exposing thousands to the Gospel where countless gave their heart to the Lord! I leaned from him to just say “yes” to the Lord then you will truly discover your purpose in life through serving God.

I am alive to serve God’s purpose.

I am alive to serve my generation.

I am alive to serve God before I die.

My prayer is for God to use His followers in this lifetime for His glory. God is infinite,  limitedless, and unbound by time. Even a full life span 100 years is just a brief moment in His eyes. The scriptures measures our life as of grass….that we are here today but gone tomorrow and our place in the fields does not remember our place. Bringing glory and honor to the Father is what matters and what will last for all eternity. How wonderful it is to serve our Living God!


2 thoughts on “Pamoja Conference in The Ivory Coast West Africa

  1. hello, Tammy

    Pamoja really was a beautiful experience. Its so amazing how God comes through for us. After all, If its God’s will, its God’s bill right? Im in my final year at the University of Namibia and am Planning on serving God in Campus ministry next year (2011) through Campus Crusade for Christ. I trust that i’ll learn alot form you. Currently, i am a student volunteer with campus crusade. We do alot of evangelism and dicipleship. I use “The Purple book” by Rice Broocks and Steve Murrell. Its such a beautiful book for beginners as it lays a very strong foundation in the basic principles of our walk with Christ.

    May our God bless u greatly. You are indeed an inspiration to the young missionaries.

  2. Hi,
    This is awesome, very inspirational…
    I loove the stories and photos…Hope you got my Jan-April Newsletter.I sent to your email.

    BARAKA !

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