Getting Ready for West Africa

I can’t believe that I am getting ready to go to West Africa in just 14 days! Thats exactly 2 weeks from now. I will be attending a Christian conference called Pamoja. At this conference, there will be over 2,000 college students uniting together to worship the Lord. There will also be numerous seminars and teaching going forth. These students will be equipped so that they can go back to their colleges all across Africa to spread the Gospel with the intent of winning souls for Christ, building them up, then sending them out!

Just Monday I completed my final vaccinations! Yellow fever, Meningitis, and typhoid ouch! I also have Malaria pills, so I am all ready to travel to the Ivory Coast. We have a layover in Kenya so thats one more country I’ll be able to peek into (but not walk around.) We leave on Christmas day and come back on Jan 5th so we have a full ten days there. I’m too excited, I know this will be an adventure.

When I come back, I will put up plenty of pictures for you all to see. It will be a very hot place and the majority of the population are followers of Islam. Unlike South Africa it is a third world country with less than 2 percent having access to the internet! Bucket baths and bed nets here we come! Its looking like a promised adventure for sure :-)


2 thoughts on “Getting Ready for West Africa

  1. west africa! thats great you will be near senagal, part islam and part christian. i need your mom’s phone no. or address. i would like to leave something with her. be bless and enjoy africa in Jesus’s Name amen!! as always

  2. Hi Tammi,
    You better update this info…PAMOJA was awesome!! Moreso because of meeting and interacting with people like you.In Kenya,we are still nursing PAMOJA ‘hang-overs’.PAMOJA the event is over but the movement is alive and well.God bless as you go about ministry.Your labour of love will surely be rewarded.
    Baraka!(Swahili for ‘Bless you’)

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