While in the streets of downtown Cape Town, we engaged in street ministry- sharing the Gospel with runaway teens, prostitutes, abused women, and drug abusers.

Our enormous group of 21 stepped out of our 3 vehicles as we looked at the busyness of central Cape Town in front of us. Our pockets were full of small booklets called “The Passage” a small booklet tool we use to share the Gospel. Our group separated into smaller groups and ventured into the area to see who God would bring across our paths to share the Gospel with.

In my group, I came across Frida and her sister Rene. Rene noticed our accents from sharing the gospel with 2 other girls and approached us out of curiosity. She asked what we were doing in her city. We answered that we were from The Impact Movement sharing some truths as Christians. Soon, her sister Frida joined us. They both were just in their early twenties and told us they lived on the streets. It would have been easy to assume they were twice their age by their stressed and very rough appearances.

Using The Passage we shared God’s love, how sin separates us from God, how God sent Jesus to die for our sins and rose again to redeem us back to God, and our response. She understood that she needed Jesus. She said that she never really heard of Jesus- vaguely she remembers His name mentioned once or twice. She told us she was living a lifestyle without Jesus and wanted to accept Him. After reading a prayer that she said she wanted to repeat after me, she looked to me and said okay I want to receive Christ. Bowing heads and just when I was about to begin the prayer, she exclaimed-


My group all quickly turned to look at her with her eyes wide peering back at us.

“How do I know that once I say this prayer that, God will hear me? I know that I am not where I am supposed to be. I know that I am not living how I am supposed to be. How do I know, really?”

I can clearly remember how earnest eyes her eyes were. It was such a sobering moment. She realized that she was a sinner in need of forgiveness, in need of Jesus, and desiring to know that a sovereign loving God will come to her rescue in hearing her prayer.

After explaining that once she received Jesus into her heart, she would become a child of God. We affirmed her with scripture that God says that He would never leave nor forsake her even when life gets rough. Afterwards, she grabbed her sister’s hand and bowed her head and replied, “Okay Im ready…” And both Frida and her sister Rene received Christ that day! Hallelujah!


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