We Serve an On Time God!

I woke up for the tenth time to go downtown to the South African Home Affairs Office. I was told once that my paperwork in my VISA application was incorrect from the office then another time I was told that my medical information was incorrect. After that information was corrected, my application was accepted. I was told my VISA would be available for pickup after 30 working days.

30 working days later, I visited the office to be told it was not ready and to come back 10 days later. After those 10 days, I revisited the office to be told to come back another 10 days. Following that visit, I was told to come back another 10 days because it was not ready. The only problem was that my flight was scheduled to leave for Cape Town in 3 days. That’s when I sent out a prayer request asking my ministry partners, family, and friends to please go before the Lord in prayer. Pretoria and Cape Town is the same distance between Chicago and Florida! The flight was more than 2 hours and I didnt want to fly back to Pretoria after moving and settling into my new home city.

I received tremendous responses from you who were praying for me. The following day I went downtown only to be told my card was not again ready! So I came back the very morning of the day of my departure.  By this time after so many visits to the office, I began to make friends. I chatted with others from other countries waiting on their VISA as well. The Lord lead me to talk with a group of Koreans who I found out later also loved the Lord. One of the girls told me ask to speak with a supervisor otherwise I would miss my flight. I am so grateful she pushed me to talk with a supervisor because I didnt think I had that option.

I took a deep breath and jumped a line full of people and asked to speak to a supervisor. Almost immediately I was taken to another part of the building and my VISA was processed immediately. I knew it was nothing but the Lord who lead me to those people.

So I received my VISA! I was so happy I wanted to run throughout the building and do flips in the middle of the street. I was thanking God the entire way. We drive back home in just enough time to finish packing, load my bags into the car for the airport, and catch my flight for Cape Town!

What an on time God we serve! Amen!


One thought on “We Serve an On Time God!

  1. thats our father!!! when you think it He hears it. before you can say it it is aready done! he does exceeding abundent, more than you ask or think according to the power that works in you! the holy ghost power!! all He wants you to give is thanksgiving!! be bless**

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