Christianity in the South African Streets

Its been 2 weeks and the Lord is teaching me so many things. My roommates and myself have opportunities to share Christ with university students. Besides campus ministry God showed me something amazing happening in the streets of South Africa…

The highlight of my week was attending my roommate’s church’s bible study on Friday. We had praise and worship, sang songs to the Lord, and had a wonderful bible study lesson teaching of the person of Jesus Christ. In the bible study group were a group of 6 young African boys ranging from the age of 14-18. I introduced myself and they told me that they were a Christian hip-hop group and have been rapping for Jesus for about 2 years! In the United States, Christian Hip Hop is a relatively new genre of Christian music and is on the rise in the black American Christian community. I was so taken back, because they knew the same Christian hip hop artists that I knew.

I asked one of the boys what do they rap about, “Jesus- its all about Jesus. I don’t know my parents because I’m a refugee and came to South Africa when I was young. I live with these guys and we all live together because we all came from nothing. We don’t rap for fame, because everything I have comes from God and I am not ashamed.”

I cant even begin to describe how I felt.. I just had to ask, “Well can you all perform one of your songs?” He looked at me and without hesitating, he grabbed on of his friends and they all gathered in a circle. One with a cupped hand over his mouth, began to “beat box” while everyone else started to nod their head to the voiced rhythm. Each boy began to rap one by one, and joined during the chorus of the song to say, “Jesus, the king, you are everything…” I was blown away…

It goes to show that Jesus Christ permeates every culture, every ethnicity, every age group. He pervades into the hearts and minds of every one who believes. Christ transcends every cultural boundary imaginable, and into the hearts of young African refugees here in the streets of Pretoria. How sovereign is our Lord. The Almighty Lord reaches and communicates to the very heart of those who resides from the isolated country hill farms, to the elitist of modern society, middle class worker, and most urbanized city youths across the globe.  Forever relevant is He.

I cant wait to see what else God teaches and has in store for me to learn. If you would like to know anything please ask me for I would be happy to give my answer!

Until next time,

Love Tammi


2 thoughts on “Christianity in the South African Streets

  1. tammi,
    Im sure I will have a lot of questions upon your return, but for right now… i just love reading your statuses and updates. I am glad that you are enjoying yourself there and i look forward to receiving a personalized message from you….

    All is well here in the states….. But live it up in South Africa , and continue to witness for your king. Faith’s story was amazing, and please tell her that I said hello… and I really mean that. i want to visit south africa very badly and I will, its only a matter of time before i do so……. hopefully you and I can travel there together… anywho have a good nite and or day as i do not know what time it is there… how many hours and or days are you ahead of us?????

    Praise God for those hip hop artists in the streets of pretoria…. he truly is amazing. please keep telling of your experiences because they truly are amazing…..

    Love ya sis,

  2. Praise God! This was really encouraging. This line really got me, “Christ transcends every cultural boundary imaginable, and into the hearts of young African refugees here in the streets of Pretoria. ” Amen!

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