Someone Pinch Me…Im here in Africa!

Greetings From Africa!

Thank you all for your continuous support with me in ministry. I arrived here safely in Pretoria, South Africa on Tuesday April 21 8:50 am or 1:50 am Chicago Central time. It is beautiful here, mountains everywhere, sunny mornings, and there is a rhythm in the streets that’s reminds me of my home city. I am unpacked, and am settling in with my 3 roommates Ashley, Stacey, and Kendra who are also from the United States. It has been 2weeks since I have arrived here and the Lord is already teaching me an abundance of lessons here in South Africa.

After all the packing, repacking, layovers and 31 hours total of travel time- I am here in Africa!! How amazing, its almost like I cant believe it. There is so much to learn. I thank the Lord for how he has provided and how he continues to provide.

After our flight landed, we went through passport control, and collected our suitcases at baggage claim. I stepped out of the airport to take a first glance at the life around me. Highways everywhere, taxi cabs hurrying by, and cellular telephone advertisements everywhere. This place seems familiar to me, but then again it does not.

My team coach, Jacqueline Bland awaits me to greet me. She helped begin The Impact Movement back in the early 90’s. What a privilege to be teamed up with her and to have her as my coach. She’s been living here in SA (South Africa) for more than a year and she is also from the United States. Even more, she has been a missionary for 28 years on staff with Campus Crusade for Christ and then later The Impact Movement. Currently she is the National Director of the ministry. She will mentor me during my initial 2 months of training here in Pretoria, South Africa. Later in June I will then move down to Cape Town to be with my other coach and mentor Rose Thompson.

Rose is the World Missions Director for The Impact Movement. Rose and I flew together from the United States to South Africa. Every two years, she takes the missions teams from the US to Cape Town and coaches the teams during the period of 2 years.

Rose and I minutes before we landed in South Africa

Rose and I minutes before we landed in South Africa

She is also from America and has been a missionary through the Impact Movement for many years. She has lived in Cape Town for many years as a missionary serving the community and my assignment is to join her there later this June!

During my first week, I am getting adjusted with the culture here. My three roommates are helping me every step of the way. Ashley, Stacey and Kendra are on staff as missionaries with Campus Crusade for Christ- which is The Impact Movement’s sister organization. I shadow them and am learning first hand how to teach, outreach, and disciple college South African students here in Pretoria.

Its been a wonderful learning experience thus far. Tomorrow we will go to campus and share Christ with the South African students and it will be exciting to see how God will move! I cant wait to see what else God teaches and has in store for me to learn.

Until next time,

Serving Christ,



2 thoughts on “Someone Pinch Me…Im here in Africa!

  1. Tammi,

    I am so glad to see that you are enjoying South Africa. I admire your adventurous spirit and willingness to go wherever God leads. Thank you for sharing the wonder and excitement with us through this website. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

    Love, Grace

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